Our first month here, we experienced Italian music mostly through videos on TV–there are dozens of music channels in Rome. But now we’re branching out…

I only wish I had a picture to show you of H.E.R. Last Sunday, we took the train down to the northeast corner of Rome and visited H.E.R at the Ke Nako Cafe. She’s a statuesque blond who sings, plus plays piano and violin. I take that back; she doesn’t sing–she whispers, growls, yelps, purrs, trills and thrills with her at times operatic, other times hard rock, and always dramatically fascinating voice. H.E.R. somehow manages to ride the musical rails between Rachmaninoff and Metallica.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a HUGE music fan…I love just about all types, and also get a kick out of singing. But…singing in Italian??? This week, I took another fascinating–albeit short–trip through Mediterranean music…up close and personal. On Wednesday, my Italian professor decided to have the class sing a pop song fron 2000. It was quite comical…the song was awesome, but man, those Italians talk (and sing) fast! Here’s the song, “Le Cose In Commune,” by Daniele Silvestri. When you listen to it, imagine me, three 20-somethings from New York, a female philosphy professor and an Egyptian Franciscan monk named Sharbel all standing in a circle trying to sing the words…mostly, we just giggled…and don’t forget to hit your “back to previous page” button…there’s one more video I want to show you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IgynZh-DPE

Yesterday, we ventured back to Ke Nako for a re-check on the local scene. This time, a two-man group called Il Velo de Maya was on tap. Amazing….another avant-garde afternoon…they just don’t have this stuff in Wisconsin. Mauro Tiberi, the vocalist and string musician, specializes in sacred and Eastern vocal techniques, and although he plays guitar and violin, his voice is his main instrument. I felt like I should close my eyes and do yoga during parts of his performance. Here is a very short video by Jerry Kaczkowski of Mauro Tiberi on the base and Ivan Macera on percussion: http://youtu.be/JoSp7BWdbbA


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  1. Mike Schoonveld says:

    Interesting musica, but I think I’d rather go hear Clay Self once more. As they say, however, when in Rome….

  2. Shelley says:

    cool! your class sounds fun, too.

  3. Judy Dacquisto says:


  4. donasonica says:

    hi, nice post! h.e.r. is really amazing.
    if you’d like to know about few other live shows coming up in rome, i’ll be glad to show you some other underground places.
    feel free to contact me via email.
    have fun in rome!

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